Dr. Lou Jacobs – Jacobs Chiropractic Acupuncture, Portland, ME

“Dragos at Webfix Studio designed, organized and activated our new website. Since online, it has driven increased numbers of phone calls to our office which has allowed us to help even more people. He spends time with his clients to show them how to navigate, update and improve their sites on their own. He is always available for questions and tech support and his desire to be helpful to his clients spills over into the community at large. Dragos offers great help to non profit organizations and was very generous with his time and knowledge with the production of a website for one of my fundraising projects. He’s worldly, in tune with trends and he works very hard for you and your business at an affordable rate without compromising quality or attention to detail. I can’t recommend his web design or videography enough. Check out the website he made for us!”