How to Free Up About 4GB of Space on Your OSX (El Capitan)

So, I updated my OSX to El Capitan.

Then I thought it’s a good idea to clean up a little by running MacKeeper.
After the startup scan, MacKepper tells me there’s a chunk of 500+MB of language files.
Tried to remove them, no go. Apparently there’s a user rights issue.

I have a quite limited amount of HDD (SDD) space on my Macbook.
I needed that empty space. The situation was bugging me a bit.


So I went to my friend Google, trying to find a way to delete those unnecessary files.
And the solution was easy to find: Monolingual (


The biggest surprise was to find out that I can actually empty about 4GB of space by also removing architecture specific files.

Quite simple to use, first you pick the languages you don’t want to keep. I am Romanian so I unchecked those two, besides English.

I kept both 64bit architectures, just in case.
It takes a little while to go to every application and look for language and architecture customizations.
No longer than 3-5 min. Then boom! 560MB + 3.4GB deleted.

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