How To Fix Go:Image With Yoast

Has the wrong image ever uploaded when you attempted to share a link on Facebook? Does this happen to your own site? Today we are going to look at what exactly goes wrong and how we can resolve this issue. The root of the problem is basic, it’s an issue with the caching.

First off, Facebook by default looks for a featured image. When we decide to share the link via Facebook; instead we are presented this photo:


If you haven’t set a featured image on your post, Facebook will grab the first picture it finds regardless of the relation to your content. There are a few steps you can take to avoid this. First it is recommended that you download ¬†Yoast SEO Plugin as this will help preview the correct image. Second, make sure that the original image has a minimum size of two hundred pixels so Facebook can properly retrieve it.

There is also an object debugger you can use in Facebook itself. After installing the plugin and setting the featured image let’s insert it into the object debugger.

Object Debugger

In case the wrong image shows up again; click on the Fetch New Scrape Information button at the top of the object debugger page on Facebook.

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