Why Fonts Matter!

Why Fonts Matter!

We’ve told you in the past about those things that slow down your website from a performance issue standpoint and what can make it a very un-user friendly. Today we wanted to tell you about another important aspect in website design, Fonts.

According to Dictionary.com the word font is a “complete assortment of type of one style and size.” It comes from the Latin word funditus which is a molding or casting.

An easy way to look at fonts from a website perspective is the font you choose ‘frames’ your content and how a viewer experiences it. It holds the content in, very much like a molding would frame in a work of art. In this case your website is the work of art.

Fonts are important for many reasons, the biggest reason being readability from a user standpoint. They can also convey mood and emotion as well as keying the viewer in to what is important on a page. By using proper headings, spacing and layout you can actually speed up the time a viewer takes to read your information.

Your font choice can also reflect the overall professional appearance of your website. It is a KEY aspect of website design, time and attention should be given to ensure that you are conveying the right message to your customers.

Here are some helpful hints:


  • Do use headings and subheadings to make your points.

  • Do choose a font that is easily read by browsers, whether mobile or desktop.

  • Do carry the same fonts throughout the website to bring cohesiveness to your pages.

  • Do limit yourself to no more than three fonts for your website; any more will make it too busy.


  • Don’t use too many bold words; this can make your website look unprofessional.

  • Don’t use too many types of italic; same point as above.

  • Don’t choose your font based on what you like, base it on what is going to make your website amazing! (Get feedback from others before committing yourself to your choice)

  • Don’t use too many different colors; limit yourself to no more than four complementary colors.

A great place to start shopping for fonts is Google Fonts. Remember to pair fonts in the same family or that follow the same design lines.

You can also reach out to us here at WebFix Studio. We have an eye for design and would love to offer our suggestions on how to improve readability of your website!