Animatron and Vector Graphics

When promoting a presence on the internet, it is always crucial to be on the lookout for new ways to bring in an audience. Today we are going to explore an innovative piece of animation software that requires no knowledge of coding: Animatron.

Create Smooth Animations Without Knowing Code

Animatron is a browser based animation system that fully utilizes HTML5. The software itself is user friendly, with multiple forms of downloading the content as different file types. (PNG, GIF, SVG, or the actual HTML Code) Animatron is capable of flexibility, whether it be a traditional animation or a graphic design. The content that is created through Animatron can be accessed through mobile and desktop devices.

Animatron and Scaling

Any content created within the software is vector based as opposed to a bitmap. Bitmapped shapes or images are set to a pixel size, which ends up compromising the resolution of the content. Vectors however, are set to a fixed amount of shapes. This allows the Vector content to be scalable since it is based in percentage. Not only does Vector based content preserve resolution regardless of size, this makes it easy for the content to scale with different monitors of varying sizes. Whether a user is on their mobile device or computer, the content is scaled proportionately to fit on a web page. With Flash cycling out, Animatron is the next step to user friendly content creation software.

Utilizing Animatron For the Web

Once your project is created, you can then download the project as multiple file types. Even HTML and Javascript code versions of the file can be downloaded and hosted on your own website independently of Animatron. Once downloaded, it can easily be brought into your own site code to give a more professional and unique appeal to your content.


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