Adding Static HTML to Your Facebook Page: iFrame Tabs

Hey there,

Have you ever wondered how they managed to add a bunch of tabs to their Facebook business page?
You can add more than one tab with the Static HTML: iframe tabs app.

  • Once you install the app and create a page and save it, you can then go into edit mode on the first page.
  • On the page where you’ve added your html code for that first tab, look near the top of the page, just below the title of your Fan Page, and you’ll see a tab that says “FAQ & Help Center [x]”.
  • Click on that tab and it will expand.
  • Next, click on the menu item titled “How do I add more than one tab?”.
  • From there select whether it’s your second, third, fourth, etc. tab. You can have up to 12 tabs.

So apparently, you have to add a different app each time you want to create a new tab with Static HTML.
For your reference, here are all of the links that you’ll need to create multiple Facebook apps with Static HTML:


Now, that you have a bunch of empty tabs, you might need my help to create some content that will populate them.
By the way, the tabs content has a fixed width, so just linking to you website pages will not work well.
I’ll have to do some magic and build something more “responsive” to size changes.

Have fun!

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