Online Video

Our video solution is called SolidPitch

Our services range from a simple home page video greeting to complex solution/product presentations featuring motion graphics and 3D animations.

  • We help you deliver your key message immediately and in person with a custom video on your home page.
  • A custom page by page video guide is the most personal approach.
  • Inform your visitors about the features and options you provide by connecting with them through video.
  • We help you save time and therefore make more money by creating a so called “powerpoint replacement”. Using your existing slide show, we add a video of your actual speech.
  • Stop wasting time and spending on plane tickets and hotel rooms. You will send your audience a link to your new awesome way of spreading your ideas. And even better, they can interact with the presentation.
    Your educational materials will become as easy to follow as a documentary or a movie.
  • Do you have a great product/solution that requires special attention from the visitors? No worries, we’ll pay special attention too.
    With a Full Page Special Feature, we create a mini-site dedicated to showcasing your newest and hottest release.