Before We Meet

Before you meet with us, we ask that you look over the following information:

We encourage an open, collaborative dialogue throughout the development process in order to ensure that your vision is fully realized. Please feel comfortable asking us questions and offering feedback, and be ready for us to do the same. Have you encountered websites with elements that inspire you, or that you wish to emulate? Share them with us. Is there a particular set of colors associated with your brand, or an aesthetic you’d like your website to embody? Let us know. The more information we have, the happier we can make you.

Our philosophy is that you should feel empowered and in control of your content. We use WordPress as a content management system, as its accessibility and intuitiveness make it very easy for our clients to learn. And since we build each website from scratch, the backend will be tailored to your specific project’s needs. We’ll be happy to walk you through managing your content once your website is complete.

Know your budget, or at least a ballpark estimate. Our standard package starts at $2400, which includes comprehensive design and wordpress development (with 2 phases of design revisions), content management, one month of support, and responsive design for mobile browsers. If your project requires additional custom development, we’ll create an itemized proposal outlining the custom aspects of your website. We’ll work with you to help determine the scope and scale of your project, and generate a highly-personalized proposal accordingly.

If you’re in Maine, we encourage you to stop by our office in the Old Port to discuss your project.

Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll determine a time that works best for you.

We look forward to working with you.

129 Newbury Street, Suite 400
Boston, MA 02116